Feeding Fernweh

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“Christmas Eve” or “Escaping Disaster”

Spending Christmas in Lesotho was very UNchristmassy. As a matter of fact, our car broke down that day. This time, we didn’t hit a pothole but heard some worryingly scraping noises when breaking plus, the whole jeep pulled strongly to…

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Caution: This is Monkey Land!

For us, it wouldn’t be a perfect holiday without some decent, sweaty hikes. And with our 4×4 (see last article), we didn’t have any problems getting deep into the Lesotho and SA mountains. When it comes to hiking, I never…

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The Gibbon Experience

Follow Gesa into the Lao rainforest: trekking, ziplining and sleeping in huge treehouses – could an adventuress ask for more?

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