This particular picture is not a recent one. Far from it – it was taken before we set out for our 3week hitchhike-trekking-adventure through the Pyrenees in 2015. Since then, we’ve been to many other destinations but not much felt as exciting as this unique trip. Which is why we’re doing it again: Today, we are setting off for a 10-day trek through the biggest connected wilderness area the Alps still have to offer: The national park Val Grande is comprised of 146 km² and the only signs of humans are abandoned villages and faded tracks. It’s an insider tip amongst Italian hikers who call it ULTIMO PARADISO. My darling – tie your boots and shoulder your backpack! I’m in the mood to find out if this natural gem can truly live up to its reputation… Ahhooooouuuuuuuu!!


Boardwalking the Dawg

mapOh how I love waking up on a sunny Sunday knowing that I have no plans except for a date with my two favorite lads Thor and Sebastian! And since those free afternoons are rare enough, we usually plan some fun, sporty activity. This time, we took along our longboards as well as the cheeky dog with the godly name (he belongs to Sebastian’s sister) and set out for a cycle path going from Berlin all the way to Usedom (“Panke-Radweg”). Indeed, it offered a lovely landscape and overall great skating conditions, so we followed it for about 20km until we took the train back from Bernau to Berlin.


What a GREAT day out 🙂 Watch this short clip to find out how an amiable, old geezer can ruin all your efforts to create a we’re-cruisin-cool-as-ice-video…



P.S.: Psssssst, have you seen the countdown on the right hand side of this page? Yes, it’s true: We only have a few more days to kill until we’re setting off for a next big trekking adventure! Whoop-whoop!!