Cortes Island: an (almost secret) paradise

Although it’s been a while since we had “a whale of a time” on Cortes Island, it took us forever to edit and upload out video about this trip. But good luck finding fast wifi in the middle of nowhere! By now, we’re full-time travelling with our campervan ‘Billy’ through the Yukon and Alaska and it’s definitely getting more remote up here… So this time, we even have a legid excuse for our delay 😉

Anyways, here’s the video! Enjoy 🙂

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V-LOG: Tofino in 1 day

Remember our recent trip to Canada’s Surf Capital? Well, we also edited a video about it so you can enjoy some Canadian beach vibes yourself. And see that spooky plane wreck… Lean back and enjoy!


(Note: We actually stayed for 3 days in Tofino, however, it is absolutely possible to do all three activities in one day. We left out some others because they didn’t quite fit into the flow of the video…)

Coastal Life: Oyster Harvesting!

So here we are, still on Quadra Island and the winters here are very enjoyable. There’s quite a bit of rain and we had one week of snow, but the temperatures are relatively mild and whenever the sun comes out, we are off exploring! This clip shows us jumping into a canoe and paddling out to one of the neighboring islands to harvest some fresh seafood that would sell for top prices in any fancy restaurant: oysters!


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Coastal BC: Quadra Island

It didn’t take us long to draw a conclusion from the recent experience in Whistler: We’re not made for hyped places and we didn’t come to Canada to spend all our meagre savings there. So we moved on. By now, we are on Quadra Island (one of the Discovery Islands between the Westcoast and Vancouver Island) and we really feel like staying for a while…

Upon our arrival, our host took us for a nice walk around Rebecca Spit, a peninsula that offers stunning views in all directions. Click and enjoy the video that we quickly edited for you!




Wakka Wakka, Wakeboarding!

Sebastian was bored the other day and quickly edited a clip about a recent daytrip to Zossen. I had just handed in my Bachelor’s Thesis so he made me this thoughtful gift of multiple, painful face dives… Just kidding, I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again soon! Wakeboarding and Kitesurfing have a huge potential to become a new, addictive hobby…

A big thanks to our friend Robin who took us along and showed us the ropes!! Much appreciated!

Following Rübezahl

Jip, we do know that it’s like full-on summer in Berlin. So this snowy video might appear a little out of place at the first glance (although we made this trip to the Czech Republic in May!). We still hope you guys enjoy it, the Sudetes are truely a great destination for a weekend-getaway. Thanks to the demobilized wanderer who took the time to edit this long-time overdue clip. Get well soon xx


If you want to READ about our trip, here are the written blog entries:


Boardwalking the Dawg

mapOh how I love waking up on a sunny Sunday knowing that I have no plans except for a date with my two favorite lads Thor and Sebastian! And since those free afternoons are rare enough, we usually plan some fun, sporty activity. This time, we took along our longboards as well as the cheeky dog with the godly name (he belongs to Sebastian’s sister) and set out for a cycle path going from Berlin all the way to Usedom (“Panke-Radweg”). Indeed, it offered a lovely landscape and overall great skating conditions, so we followed it for about 20km until we took the train back from Bernau to Berlin.


What a GREAT day out 🙂 Watch this short clip to find out how an amiable, old geezer can ruin all your efforts to create a we’re-cruisin-cool-as-ice-video…



P.S.: Psssssst, have you seen the countdown on the right hand side of this page? Yes, it’s true: We only have a few more days to kill until we’re setting off for a next big trekking adventure! Whoop-whoop!!

Bumming around in Lesotho, the “Kingdom in the Sky”

Again, we are pretty fuckin’ late at publishing this video. However, you have to know that while travelling Lesotho we weren’t even intending to make a video about this. Consequently, we didn’t film a lot, produced super bumpy scenes and ended up with an altogether limited pool of material to chose from. For example, it never once crossed our minds to shoot our awesome 4×4 baby with its rooftent all folded up or any other camp scenes… And out of respect for the local people, we didn’t film during the Solar Mission either. But despite the pretty much worst preconditions for editing, the video still turned out quite decend. At least our humble selves think so.

Curious to get feedback from you guys! Enjoy 🙂

Liked it? Glad you did. Have you seen our last video about our trip to Cape Town? No? Then check it out HERE.

Like we’re born to run: Cape Town

Hey folks,

Yes, it’s been a little while since our amazing adventures in Lesotho and South Africa but it’s never too late to share some great memories, don’t you agree? This video is about our time in Cape Town over New Year’s 2016/17 which was coined by sporty outdoor action on some days and extreme binge eating on others. Oh, and gusts of wind. Jeez, it was stormy back then…

Anyways, enjoy watching and feel free to comment, we would really appreciate some feedback since it’s our very first video ever 🙂