Feeding Fernweh

Category: The Czech Republic

Following Rübezahl

Jip, we do know that it’s like full-on summer in Berlin. So this snowy video might appear a little out of place at the first glance (although we made this trip to the Czech Republic in May!). We still hope…

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Day 3 – Cruisin’

Oh boy, the Czech beer from last night did make us wake up a little lazier than usual… Which is why we decided to spend our morning skating instead of cumbersomely ploughing our way through more knee-high snow drifts. After…

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Day 2 – Two lobster-red Hikers

Yeah, go us! We woke up fresh and not sore on day 2 of our little trip – despite the exhausting hike yesterday. The sunlight was streaming through the windows and it promised to be a clear day. Perfect hiking…

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Day 1 – Just a casual Blizzard Stroll

The story of this spontaneous trip is quickly told: Sebastian came back from Lesotho. It had been over three months since our last trip together and we were both hungry for fresh air and clear views. But because we only…

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