“Making an Impact by NOT making an Impact”: Source Collaboration


We’ve been huge fans of the hydration systems by SOURCE for years now. Their water bladders last forever and are super handy companions on every hiking trip. In fact, we also use them in everyday life when we go running or biking. Now, the company asked us to write a little something about what “sustainable travel” means for us. In return, they gifted us a new hydration system about which we will write a product review soon. Best part though, they published our article on their blog, sweeeeeet

Thanks a bunch for this reSOURCEful collaboration!

Photocredit of first pic: Shantina Rae Photography, Quadra Island. Thanks again, you crazy talented person!!


My 15 must-pack items when travelling

Well, since people kept asking me over the years what I usually take with me, I thought I might as well start with my planned packing lists. Note: There are a few things I did not include because they are obvious; such as personal documents (passport, information about travel insurance, vaccination certificate, emergency contact details, international drivers licence, credit card – if you really want to be on the safe side, make copies and keep them in a different piece of luggage or even better: scan those documents and keep them in your Dropbox!), spare cash, clothes, toiletry items, …

I guess my 15 must-pack items vary a little depending on the duration and destination of the trip but the majority of the things listed below accompany me on ALL journeys. Make sure that you bring yours 😉 P.S.: This account might bore the seasoned travellers among yous but help some noobies…

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