Indigenous Canada Pt. 1: The Basics

Today, we will start a new blog series. One that will be just as diverse and wide-ranging as its topic: Canada’s Indigenous people. Simply because it would be like repeating colonial history all over again if we wouldn’t pay heed to them during our travels and on our blog. Yes, this might sound a liiiiittle dramatic to some of you but it’s a serious issue to many others and one we can’t and won’t ignore.

So, to break a huge issue down to comprehensible pieces, we will start with some key data.

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Coastal Life: Oyster Harvesting!

So here we are, still on Quadra Island and the winters here are very enjoyable. There’s quite a bit of rain and we had one week of snow, but the temperatures are relatively mild and whenever the sun comes out, we are off exploring! This clip shows us jumping into a canoe and paddling out to one of the neighboring islands to harvest some fresh seafood that would sell for top prices in any fancy restaurant: oysters!


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Walking on Southern Vancouver Island

So you are on Vancouver Island and you’d like to see some more of that scenic Canadian landscape everyone gets excited about? You can’t bother to walk the whole West Coast Trail but you want to explore more than just Victoria’s parks? Then, these three recommendations are just perfect for you. All of these relatively short walks can be reached within 30 to 60 minutes from Victoria Downtown and are suitable for young and old adventurers alike!



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Coastal BC: Quadra Island

It didn’t take us long to draw a conclusion from the recent experience in Whistler: We’re not made for hyped places and we didn’t come to Canada to spend all our meagre savings there. So we moved on. By now, we are on Quadra Island (one of the Discovery Islands between the Westcoast and Vancouver Island) and we really feel like staying for a while…

Upon our arrival, our host took us for a nice walk around Rebecca Spit, a peninsula that offers stunning views in all directions. Click and enjoy the video that we quickly edited for you!