V-LOG: Tofino in 1 day

Remember our recent trip to Canada’s Surf Capital? Well, we also edited a video about it so you can enjoy some Canadian beach vibes yourself. And see that spooky plane wreck… Lean back and enjoy!


(Note: We actually stayed for 3 days in Tofino, however, it is absolutely possible to do all three activities in one day. We left out some others because they didn’t quite fit into the flow of the video…)


Cortes Island: a whale of a time!

“Vibrant Community.  Wild Landscape.  And a little magic.”

Just like Tofino, our neighbouring island Cortes promises a lot on their tourist information website. Nontheless, it took us months (!) to actually jump on the ferry one morning to check it out. Cortes is even more off-the-beaten-path than Quadra Island. It has only about 1,000 year-round residents. The island was home to the Klahoose way before the first Europeans arrived and this first nation band continues to live on it today.  Only in 1866, a permanent homestead by a white settler was built and it took another 100 years until electricity came to the island! Today, Cortes is home to a plentiful abundance of talented artists, yoga teachers, self-sufficient farmers and all sorts of free spirits. Some people affectionately call it BC’s “hippie island” and sure enough, we encountered more than one colourful batik t-shirt and Buddhist prayer flag flapping merrily in the breeze…

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