Our Mission

So we re-designed our blog and came up with the promising slogan of “Sustainable Travel. Mindful Adventures. Authentic Stories.” What do we even mean by that?


Sustainable Travel.

Climate Protection and Nature Conservation are issues that matter to us. We have already studied and worked in these fields and the more we learn, the more urgent they seem. Consequently, environmental awareness has also become a key issue when we travel. To exemplify our Globetrotting Resolutions, we give you two examples: Fly less – there are eco-friendlier ways to see the world. Buy consciously – we now know how to identify micro plastic, palm oil and other harmful substances in clothes, cosmetics and food. Ahhh bugger, we can hear some of you yawning but hear us out: Can you expect stories about the best Fairtrade, Vegan restaurants in European capitals from us? Probably not. We’re outdoorsy people and sport-addicts. We’re craving for wide scenery, fresh air, raw nature and the simple comfort of a crackling bonfire. Let us prove to you that it’s possible to be cool and  responsible at the same time. We will take you on proper adventures with us, yet, they will be …


Mindful Adventures.

Both of have participated in the (highly recommendable) ASA Engagement Global Program in 2016, a service for sustainable development initiatives. While Gesa taught English in the capital of Lao PDR, Sebastian participated in a climate protection program in rural Lesotho. We would have already considered ourselves as open-minded Citizens of the World before … but it turned out that the ASA program taught us so much more about global power structures, racism, sexism and other issues. Travelling has become extremely cheap and popular and we feel that too many globetrotters disrespect other people’s cultures, traditions or privacy rights on the road. We don’t want that. So we try our best to be mindful travellers and to keep in mind the priviledges of our German passports.


Authentic Stories.

This basically means that we are REAL and approachable. Nope, we don’t have thousands of followers (yet, haha) and nope, we are not being sponsored by anyone. In addition, everything we do here – writing, video and picture editing – we do self-taught. Trust our words, it’s a hell lot of work sometimes but we really enjoy it and it’s great to see that we’re making progress every month. We’re delighted and flattered to see that you’ve decided to become part of our journey!


It’s a process, baby.

Nobody’s perfect and we’re far from it. When we write about sustainability or discrimination, we don’t want to sound annoyingly moralizing. In fact, we would really appreciate your feedback about possible faux-pas and things we could do better in the future. Also, we’d love to hear about your own experiences because we strongly believe that personal growth cannot happen without critical interaction and constructive feedback. So don’t be shy and get involved!



December 2016: Hiking in Lesotho, the “Kingdom in the Sky”.