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A winterwonderland with nasty issues: Whistler

Whistler is North America’s No.1 ski and mountainbiking area and attracts tonnes of people every year. However, this place faces a huge challenge…

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An Active Arrival

Read how we arrived in Vancouver and explored the city by foot.

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Roadtrippin‘: 5 cities in 5 days

When I told some of my friends about this roadtrip, some mumbled: “Mhhhhh I dunno, that sounds like more work than fun…” When learning about our route BERLIN – BAMBERG – (MUNICH) – VIENNA – BUDAPEST –  PRAGUE – BERLIN,…

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Boardwalking the Dawg

Oh how I love waking up on a sunny Sunday knowing that I have no plans except for a date with my two favorite lads Thor and Sebastian! And since those free afternoons are rare enough, we usually plan some…

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Like we’re born to run: Cape Town

Hey folks, Yes, it’s been a little while since our amazing adventures in Lesotho and South Africa but it’s never too late to share some great memories, don’t you agree? This video is about our time in Cape Town over…

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Hiking in Cape Town

The Mother City might not be an “off-the-beaten-path-destination” anymore but unlike many other tourists, we climbed more peaks than just Table Mountain!

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