Feeding Fernweh

Category: Edible Plants

Put your gumboots on, baby! We’re going farming!

Follow our muddy footsteps into the rural areas of Vancouver Island where we are currently volunteering on an organic farm!

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The Alps’ culinary highlights

We are huuuge fans of edible wild plants. A hobby that comes in very handy when you’re a trekking addict…

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Spring Greeneries No.2: Ground Elder

Just like the stinging nettle, the ground elder (aka “goutweed” but I don’t like this name because in my nerdy opinion there is no such thing as “weeds” …) is just as well-known as it is undervalued. In fact, gardeners…

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Spring Greeneries No.1: The Few-Flowered Leek

Oh, how much I love spring! It always arrives a little later in Berlin than in some other German regions, but by now, there is fresh green everywhere. And since deep down I’m a little nerdy botanist, this excites me…

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