Buddha Park

Truth be told, there was no magic healing last week. At least none that lasted very long… I got sick again, had to see a doctor again, had to take antibiotics again and hey, I am feeling better (again).The good news is: I did not have worms, that was a wrong diagnosis. Thank f%&!

You can imagine how gutted I was to miss out on yet another weekend bike trip with Khanthong, but at least I felt strong enough to visit a local sight by bus today. Buddha Park aka Xieng Khuan contains over 200 Buddhist and Hindu statues that look ancient. They are not though. Although sometimes referred to as “Wat”, Buddha Park is not a temple but a piece of art built by a Thai artist in the 1950s. I was lucky enough to meet a couple of Lao students who explained a lot of the religious meanings to me. Unfortunately, I have forgotten most of the gods’ names by now though…

Plan for tomorrow: Full-body massage… Oh yes.


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