A wee update

Alright, this will be just a little something: Like a hastily written postcard instead of the bulky letter you actually owe your friends. Truth is, Lao kept me pretty busy in the last few weeks!


Me and Röteli. And yes, she DID enjoy my cuddles!

Firstly, I moved houses. Why? Well, a fantastic house-sitting opportunity for my boss’s friends came up and I just couldn’t refuse: Beautiful, spacious two-story building almost directly at the Mekong with a lovely balcony and everything! And merely 2km away from work. I only had to cuddle and feed their cat in return and well, be there in case any burglars were watching the district (someone had just recently broken into the empty house next door).

So, for 2.5 weeks, I lived a very fancy volunteer life!

I slept longer, read on the balcony, danced around half-naked, stroke the cat while STREAMING (their Internet… luxery!) Game of Thrones and funky workout tutorials and even baked carrot cake and a delicious apple-mango-crumble. And my sunset runs at the river were just breath-taking, excuse the cheap pun… The others couldn’t be arsed to move their stuff plus it would have been farther from their work, so I went by myself and actually enjoyed having some peaceful evenings after my busy working days. But more on work another time.

Lemme see, what else is worth mentioning during that time: Oh yes, the fancy party at the embassy for the Day of German Unity. The ambassador himself invited every Lao and international person working in German organizations to celebrate with him, I’d say there were like 400people. The whole thing took place in one of the most expensive hotels at the riverside, buffet and drinks were all paid for. Naturally, I cycled there anyways, with my dress knotted up at the hip and a pair of shorts stuffed in my handbag – very powerladylike. The food was very German (so not really my thing) but the band was great and I was surprised how early a big mob without shoes was dancing the night away in fancy dresses. A nice change after all this Karaoke singing I have been witnessing.

And then, there was Teacher’s Day. Great thing, we should really celebrate this in Germany! It basically meant all those things: A day off. A long-as ceremony with long-as speeches. A big buffet and party afterwards. Another ceremony at a stadium. Oh, and some gifts! It’s a nice tradition and common in many countries – except in Germany; so lucky me for being in the right place at the right time.


I suppose some of you noted that I have changed the header of this blog. It’s not a random google picture but a place I have just recently been to. Freaking amazing and I’ll tell you all about it in my next post…


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