Oh yeah and one quick, additional note about the „wet season“ here: It’s not even half as bad as many people think. Usually, it rains (well, pours down like it was Poseidon’s birthday celebration) at night and then, there are some quick splashes during the day which stop as suddenly as they have started. But it’s warm rain and you dry immediately. The rest of the time, it’s sunny and freaking hot: about 25-35degrees. Add a crazy humidity to that and you can imagine that this climate is not made for everyone’s taste. I can definitely confirm that every little workout session here has been an effort! And I am starting to long for the cold nights in Winter where you snuggle up in bed and sleep like a little, chubby bearcub. Here, you are constantly sweating and I’m taking showers at least twice a day…

Nevertheless, I believe I favour the wet to the dry season  – less tourists, less heat and less dust. Everything looks lush and green and I’ve come to love jogging when a thunderstorm is looming at the horizon. In October, the rainy season will slowly stop so I will get some more hours of sun before my return to Germany, yes!



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