Caution: This is Monkey Land!

dsc01792_fotorFor us, it wouldn’t be a perfect holiday without some decent, sweaty hikes. And with our 4×4 (see last article), we didn’t have any problems getting deep into the Lesotho and SA mountains. When it comes to hiking, I never really know what there is to write about it but rather let the pictures speak for themselves. The ones beneath are from three different tours. Please check the subtitles or contact us directly if you’re interested in the exact locations.

What I do want to explain is the title of this post: It was in the South of the Drakenberg Mountains and we were walking along a sunny grass plateau when we heard loud bellowing. It was kind of nerve-wrecking to hear those noises so close to us without being able to identify their source. The fact that the sound echoed at the cliffs only made it mightier. But soon enough we spotted our first Baboon.

In fact, a whole group of them came tumbling down the steep mountain side, jumping from rock to rock with the little ones chasing each other fiercely. Now, it’s one thing to get excited about wildlife spotting and another to have all the stories about biting monkeys in the back of your head. Trust me, when a screaming Baboon gallops towards you baring its long, yellow teeth; you don’t feel like taking selfies anymore. There are numerous cases known of injuries caused by these monkeys (however, they only turned aggressive due to negligent human behaviour in the first place; like feeding or patting them). Consequently, we kept our safe distance from the troop but it was pretty awesome to observe these animals in the wild.



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