Bumming around in Lesotho, the “Kingdom in the Sky”

Again, we are pretty fuckin’ late at publishing this video. However, you have to know that while travelling Lesotho we weren’t even intending to make a video about this. Consequently, we didn’t film a lot, produced super bumpy scenes and ended up with an altogether limited pool of material to chose from. For example, it never once crossed our minds to shoot our awesome 4×4 baby with its rooftent all folded up or any other camp scenes… And out of respect for the local people, we didn’t film during the Solar Mission either. But despite the pretty much worst preconditions for editing, the video still turned out quite decend. At least our humble selves think so.

Curious to get feedback from you guys! Enjoy 🙂

Liked it? Glad you did. Have you seen our last video about our trip to Cape Town? No? Then check it out HERE.


3 thoughts on “Bumming around in Lesotho, the “Kingdom in the Sky”

  1. Great footage of, you’re a strong and fun-to-watch team! Well, done. I’ll browse through your content once in a while. Well written and filmed interesting stuff! 🙂


    • Sorry for all the typos, my phone is going crazy! One additional question: What’s your YouTube account? Or would you rather prefer keep that a secret and show your videos only on your web page? I’m just asking because the video won’t open in YouTube, there is no direct link set up.


      • Thanks for watching 🙂 We have set the video on a kind if half-private mode for now until the YouTube Channel is fully set up! Big plans and not enough time…


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