For those of you who have been wondering about the “GoBackpack”-flags in our recent pictures, here’s the explanation: We took part in Jack Wolfskin’s new campaign and scored a 200€ cashback each with our travel videos. Fantastic opportunity, so make use of it yourself if you need any new equipment.

Anyways, here are our TWO videos giving you some impressions of our wild trek:


FYI: We edited the two videos separately and were surprised to see how different they turned out. While Gesa is happily-skipping-through-the-meadows, Sebastian is showing more spiderwebs than mountains. But yeah, Val Grande has many faces…







3 thoughts on “#GOBACKPACK Val Grande

  1. I like the editing of somewhat the same content turning into two videos. I like them both, well done :). Besides, I also like Jack Wolfskin, awesome marketing campaign. Though, you seemed to have like 4 or 5 go back back flags. How many products were actually refunded?


    • Usually, you only get one flag, but we used them all to get better visual effects. You get a refund for ONE product you buy, 200€ is the maximum cashback. If you want to participate, be quick about it, the refunds are limited!


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