Darling, let’s be EcoVenturers!

alp_0407Tomorrow morning, Sebastian and me are starting a big road trip. Two other lads and us will be driving all the way to a very remote area in the South of Spain, close to the ancient city of Ronda. Why? For the past few months, I’ve voluntarily helped the EcoVenture Camps with all sorts of public relation, coordination and planning tasks. They are an ecological, non-profit travel agency and offer some great adventurous outdoor programs. I was instantly hooked:


So after a hopefully awesome 3day road trip through France and Spain, we’ll be preparing the camp for the first participants next week and probably stick around for a bit longer to help them settle in. After that, we still have a few days left for private travels. Maybe to the Algarve, maybe deeper into the Sierra Nevada. We have the luxury of spontaneity and are determined to make the most of our 10day holiday!

The EcoVenture Camps about themselves…

“The camps take place in a 450ha large, remote valley in the South of Spain, about 130km West of Malaga. This unique area belongs to Theo, who’s been living here as an ecological farmer, architect and entrepreneur since decades. He mainly cultivates his own fruits and vegetables. To keep the grass short and prevent erosions he keeps about 20 horses who are allowed to roam freely through the land. We are combining this way of living with sportive activities in nature to enjoy a life as sustainable as possible: As an EcoVenturer you will be sleeping in a tent, do fun outdoor activities like climbing, hiking and yoga, go exploring all day, learn about alternative lifestyles and eat mainly vegetarian/vegan dishes. We want you to go out and reconnect with nature, but the camp is also meant to be a retreat for you – giving you the chance to unwind and relax: In between the activities, there will always be enough time to chill out, laze in the sun and bond the with other participants (…)”




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