Cortes Island: an (almost secret) paradise

Although it’s been a while since we had “a whale of a time” on Cortes Island, it took us forever to edit and upload out video about this trip. But good luck finding fast wifi in the middle of nowhere! By now, we’re full-time travelling with our campervan ‘Billy’ through the Yukon and Alaska and it’s definitely getting more remote up here… So this time, we even have a legid excuse for our delay 😉

Anyways, here’s the video! Enjoy 🙂

NOTE: As most of you must have heard by now, the shepherd lady Freya is no longer in our care 😦 It was a heart-breaking decision and the story is a long and very personal one. To keep it short, one could say that she came with a lot of baggage from her rescue past: She was totally under-socialized and therefore, tended to be (fear-)agressive towards strangers. We kept quiet about this online because we didn’t want our friends and family to develope nervous prejudices before ever meeting her. And in many other ways, she WAS the perfect dog for us!

Nontheless, we were in no way prepared for (or even informed about) the full scale of her issues. We then fully accepted the challenge and trained A LOT with her (just another reason why we stayed on beautiful Quadra Island for so long…). Freya made huge progress but we eventually came to the realisation that she was by no means ready to live in a city with us. She needed a way quieter environment than we could offer her at this point in our lives. We miss our furry adventure buddy every day but it was the right decison for everyone involved. Be safe, babygirl.


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