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A demobilized Wanderer

Nope, this injury didn’t happen when we climbed up and down some slippery slopes with the help of chains and ropes. And neither when we came into a raging thunderstorm. It happened in full-on civilization on the day after our…

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Boardwalking the Dawg

Oh how I love waking up on a sunny Sunday knowing that I have no plans except for a date with my two favorite lads Thor and Sebastian! And since those free afternoons are rare enough, we usually plan some…

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Yes, we are Fairtrade!

Click here to learn more about the “Save80” project in rural Lesotho: a project for climate protection.

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Pimp my Ride

Not only has this baby a customized rooftent, it also runs partly on hydrogen! Hell yes!

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Ein Resümee

Heute vor einem Monat bin ich wieder in Berlin gelandet und nach vier Wochen zurück in der Hauptstadt wird es wirklich Zeit für einen abschließenden Rückblick auf Laos. Mein bester Moment: Puh, da gab es so einige. Aber meine zwei…

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Please mind the gap

Excuse the cheap pun – I do not mean to make a train announcement. Today, I’d like to introduce an awesome tool to you guys: Gapminder. It allows you to create a great number of statistics and charts based on…

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