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Jip, we do know that it’s like full-on summer in Berlin. So this snowy video might appear a little out of place at the first glance (although we made this trip to the Czech Republic in May!). We still hope you guys enjoy it, the Sudetes are truely a great destination for a weekend-getaway. Thanks to the demobilized wanderer who took the time to edit this long-time overdue clip. Get well soon xx


If you want to READ about our trip, here are the written blog entries:



4 thoughts on “Following Rübezahl

  1. You guys sure seemed to have a great and fun time. Nice snow angel, I love the longboarding and, of course, the pool shots. Oh boy, I miss pool. Anyway, I stay tuned :)!

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    • Thanks for being one of our best followers 🙂 Any feedback is appreciated! Bata misses you, you have to come around at least one more time before we’re leaving to Canada…

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      • Oh, when exactly are you leaving?

        Besides, I think you make great content. And I’m super interested in hiking and nature and all that stuff. So, yes! I like supporting you. Let’s see if I can share one of your posts.


  2. Thanks for your support! We’ll come back to that offer once we’ve professionalized our blog etc. We’ll be leaving Berlin some time in November and work and travel all over Canada for about 10 months before starting our masters back in Germany.


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