My involuntary diet

As I have already mentioned in my last post: I am a terrible patient. I hate going to the doctors and remembering last year’s injury on my ankle – I usually do it too late. Needless to say, I didn’t even call in sick at work this week, but kept pushing myself to the limit. But even I decided that 10days of symptoms, severe vertigo and the loss of roundabout 4kg body mass was enough. I was more angry than concerned, however: My time here is too short and my wanna-do-list too long for any bug to keep me company any longer. That’s why I went to the doctor today.

Luckily, Vientiane’s medical care is decent enough: There are 3 recommended international practices and the French Clinic is even open on 7days a week. Which is luxury compared to the situation on the countryside…Yet, severe cases still get transferred to Thai hospitals so let’s hope I will not become one.


To keep this short: The clinic was very clean and the doctor seemed super competent. She could not, however, make an exact diagnosis. But most likely, I caught myself some sort of worm. I remember sitting in a Biology lecture about nematodes and thinking “yuck” and it’s an even more disgusted “YYYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK” that I am thinking right now. Bella is already proposing names for my new pet – I hope I’ll be able to take it with humour soon myself… Anyways, I got some affordable antibiotics and should feel better within a few days. Unless it’s some other parasite, in that case I will have to try a different treatment. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I’m sick of this. And don’t you dare to say “It’s all part of the adventure, honey!”


4 thoughts on “My involuntary diet

  1. “I hate going to the doctors and remembering last year’s injury on my ankle – I usually do it too late.”

    Further more to say… remembering your ankle, your rib and your tenosynovitis? Do you want me to name more…? As a friend said today:”To force Gesa taking pills or talking to a doctor she must be close to dead!” ^^

    What´s the name of your little friend by now? Got anything close to a good name yet?


    • I figured we shouldn’t name him after all. I mean, I’m really determined to kill that beast. And you know how it is with naming animals and then butchering them. Always a bad idea…


  2. Wie gehts voran, Gesa? Was macht die Wurmkur? Thor könnte dir sicher ein Lied davon singen 😉 Man man, gestern habe ich Salat gemacht (keine Pferdeportion, so wie sonst) und habe alles drei mal abgewaschen..sicher ist sicher 😉 Werd wieder schnell gesund! Ach und im übrigen: Mach mehr Fotos! 🙂


    • Ich glaube, es geht aufwärts, danke der Nachfrage! Aber viel zu langsam 😦 Werde wohl noch paar Tage aussetzen müssen… Und dann gibt es auch wieder Fotos! Gerade könnte ich nur Selfies und Fotos meiner Schlafzimmerdecke posten…
      Haha das mit dem Abwaschen verstehe ich sehr gut, ich kann gerade (noch) nichts anrühren, was mein Magen nicht kennt… Ordentliche Lektion verpasst bekommen.


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