A demobilized Wanderer

Nope, this injury didn’t happen when we climbed up and down some slippery slopes with the help of chains and ropes. And neither when we came into a raging thunderstorm. It happened in full-on civilization on the day after our return: Eager to maintain our fitness level, we went Bouldering. Sebastian fell down from a height of 3m and twisted his ankle badly – soon after, his foot resembled blue, fluffy dough more than a human foot. Luckily, it’s not broken but he has most likely torn a couple of ligaments. The doctors can’t pinpoint the exact diagnosis though until the bruises and the swelling have gone down a little… Poor fella.


I guess there’s only one good thing about this: We have plenty of time to edit our videos and pictures… 😉


2 thoughts on “A demobilized Wanderer

  1. Hahhaa… thank you so much! Lucky me it happened inbetween Val Grande and Andalusia!

    I got 43 days to get better! And inbetween there will be new vids about Val Grande (And if it does happen again I make sure next time I´ll fall down while climbing we post that one as video too…)

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